The Learning Center

The Learning Center is the language school for Life Learning Community Center LLC. It serves the community through linguistics education. Currently we offer English and Spanish classes for those seeking to learn a new language with plans to develop into other specialties in the future.

What To Expect

  • Passionate Professional Staff
  • Engaging Lessons and Communication
  • Small Student to Teacher Ratio
  • People who care about you and your Personal Development


When do Classes Meet?

Classes are every Thursday at 6:30 pm and lessons will last about one and a half hours.

Is there Childcare?

No, not currently. As the school continues to grow we will be placing a heavy emphasis on providing childcare for students as we know this is a vital part of allowing parents to learn.

How much is it?

$75 per class per semester. This cost will include materials needed for the class for the semester. (Books, Worksheets, Online Materials)

Are the teachers Professionals?

The Learning Center educators are all licensed professionals with certifications varying from ESOL to Spanish Pedagogue and combine for more than  25 years of experience in education.

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